Blake Opper

Blake is a musician and comedian based in NYC. He reps Houston, Texas by eating BBQ with Beyonce once a week. Blake has studied with a bunch of great coaches including Nicole Drespel, Zack Willis, Kesha Zollar, Patrick Noth, Sebastian Conelli, and Lou Gonzalez.  Blake is currently working his way onto a UCB house team through advanced begging and pleading.  His most prominent comedic achievement to date is being in the audience of a heavily watched Fuck That Shit Cagematch video. Blake loves to bring his musical skills into the comedy world. Most recently he has provided sweet saxophone serenades for Zack Willis’s musical “Joan of Rock.”  Blake has also co-led a musical storytelling project called An Evening of Stories and Sounds, which has upwards of 10-20 Youtube views.  You can currently catch Blake performing on the indie circuit or “wooing” loudly from the audience any UCB show.