Moma Audio Tour


Welcome to this Audio tour Of the Museum of Modern Art. There Is no Instructional or Descriptive Audio in this tour, only the Recording of the museum environment itself. In the interest of clarity, You're encouraged to reference the step by step outline given below. Following the outline there is also a map of Moma to enhance your tour experience. We Hope you enjoy.

  1. Enter through the 53rd street Members entrance
  2. Collect free student ticket and head into the exhibition area, get redirected to coat check
  3. Check your coat and backpack
  4. Enter exhibition area and head to the 6th floor on the escalator
  5. Enter and enjoy the exhibition Items: Is Fashion Modern?
  6. Hang out near the ledge on the 6th floor
  7. Head down to the 5th floor
  8. Stand and enjoy the sounds outside the 5th Floor Cafe
  9. Enter and enjoy the 5th Floor Gallery
  10. Admire the Monet's "Water Lilies"
  11. Admire the Charles White and Leonardo Da Vinci room
  12. Walk Back to "Starry Night"
  13. Admire Starry Night
  14. Head down to the 4th floor
  15. Admire the man on the phone outside "The Long Run" exhibition
  16. Enter and enjoy the "The Long Run"
  17. Spend some extra time to admire Joan Jonas's "Reanimation"
  18. Head down to the 3rd floor
  19. Enter and enjoy "Thinking Machines"
  20. Enter and enjoy the other 3rd floor exhibition "Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait" 
  21. Enter and enjoy the photo exhibition "Stephen Shore"
  22. Head down to the 2nd floor
  23. Enter and enjoy the exhibition "Max Ernst: Beyond Painting"
  24. Enter and enjoy the Museum store on the 2nd floor
  25. Head over and enjoy the Louise Bourgeois sculptures
  26. Head over and enjoy the 2nd floor book store 
  27. Head back up to the 3rd floor
  28. Stand for awhile underneath the Louise Bourgeois sound piece
  29. Head back down to the 2nd floor
  30. Check out Max Ernst again
  31. Head back to coat check to get your stuff
  32. Head on out
  33. Make a quick stop at the bathroom
  34. Exit MoMA
Moma Layout.jpg