Blake Opper's Questionable Solution


The Questionable Solution

Easily one of the least practical bands in modern history, Blake Opper’s Questionable Solution is all at once a very charming and challenging group. The band consists of one voice, four horns, drum set, and two grand pianos. While one might expect such an eccentric instrumentation to be accompanied by equally eccentric music, the Questionable Solution’s repertoire is both inviting and fresh. Stemming from Blake’s training at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The Questionable Solution frequently collaborates with comedic characters who’s contributions create a more dynamic and satisfying audience experience. The Questionable Solution is a band committed to expanding the performer-audience paradigm through the use of audience participation, set design, and the humorous interjections of comedic characters during performances. A band truly dedicated to expanding the roll of jazz in the 21st Century, Blake Opper’s Questionable Solution is one logistical dumpster fire that you do not want to miss.